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Question 1:

Frances is debugging an iWidget that should show a loader bar until markup is generated and shown, leveraging only lifecycle functions. Right now, she can only see the loader bar, but nothing else happens in the iWidget. She has verified that all dependencies have loaded properly and that the elements have rendered. What should she verify next?

A. Verify that the onUnload method is properly modifying the page content after loading completes.

B. Verify the onLoad method kicked off background functions needed to render the markup.

C. Verify that the readyMarkup method is properly implemented.

D. Verify that the view is a supported mode for the iWidget.

Correct Answer: B

Question 2:

Tyson is the sole IBM WebSphere Portal administrator in his company. He has developed a portlet that uses content spots to bind certain portlet markup to users specific to a certain group accessing the portlet itself. What bindings can Tyson create to associate the users with the content spots to be shown?

A. He can use Personalization Rules based on user and group information, hiding and showing the content spots per each grouping as desired.

B. He can use the ContentPresentationModel to hide and show content spots based on any parameter included in the ContentPresentationResource and change the content spot based on the user\’s group

C. He can store a personalization rule in the theme that creates a new version of the portlet for each user group automatically on first access,using the PortletClientModel and leveraging the PUMA UserGroup object

D. Portlets cannot include dynamic content spots.

Correct Answer: A

Question 3:

Wendy\’s theme was recently installed on a server. A colleague provided her with theme components to deploy, which given design requirements, is packaged as an EAR file inside a compressed ZIP file. Which of the following is a valid option for deploying these components?

A. Use the web-dav-deploy-zip-file to deploy the compressed file. Use the IBM WebSphere Integrated Solutions console or scripts to deploy theEAR file. Use XMLAccess to import the components into the IBM WebSphere Portal server.

B. Use the web-dav-deploy-zip-file to deploy the compressed file. Use the webdav-expand-ear command to unpackage the EAR on the server,then register the new EAR on the WebSphere Integrated Solutions console.

C. Use the web-dav-deploy-zip-file to deploy the compressed file and use the XMLAccess command to run the script. Use the WebSphereIntegrated Solutions console to add the runtime configuration.

D. EAR files must be deployed using the WebSphere Integrated Solutions console, so she must remove it from the ZIP archive and install itdirectly.

Correct Answer: A

Question 4:

MegaCorp is working on integrating one of their applications existing in non-IBM WebSphere Portal environments into WebSphere Portal. Which of the following options should they use for this purpose?

A. WebClipping Portlet International Edition

B. IntegrationPortlet

C. WebClipping Portlet

D. IntegrationPortlet_jsEnabled

Correct Answer: C

Question 5:

Which is not a valid CSS style defined in the JSR 286 Portlet Specification?

A. portlet-a

B. portlet-font

C. portlet-msg-info

D. portlet-section-text

Correct Answer: A

Question 6:

Bill is developing a portlet that uses AJAX to retrieve information from the server. In the serveResource() method first he is setting “AdminName” request attribute and then forwarding control to a JSP for generating markup. Using best practices, how should he print the “AdminName” attribute inside the JSP?



C. ${requestScope.AdminName}

D. ${portalRequest.AdminName}

Correct Answer: C

Question 7:

If Lola needs to create a resource collection, which of the following options must she define?

A. An instance of the following:


B. An instance of either of the following:



C. An instance of one of the following:





D. An instance of either of the following:



Correct Answer: C

Question 8:

Which one of the following statements is valid regarding credential objects?

A. Credential objects are serializable.

B. To create a slot for storing active credentials, set the active parameter of the CredentialVaultService.createSlot method to true.

C. Passive credential objects hide the credential\’s secret from the portlet.

D. Portlets that use active credential objects need to extract the secret from the credential to authenticate with the backend.

Correct Answer: B

Question 9:

The following code sample uses the PUMA SPI within a standard portlet.

Sunil needs to retrieve attributes on the current user. Which one of the following lines of code, if inserted at line 6, will provide the functions to retrieve attributes from the User object?

A. PumaProfile p = service.getProfile( (javax.portlet.ActionRequest) request);

B. PumaProfile p = service.getProfile( (javax.portlet.PortletRequest) request);

C. PumaController p = service getController( (javax.portlet.ActionRequest) request);

D. PumaController p = service getController( (javax.portlet.PortletRequest) request);

Correct Answer: C

Question 10:

Roger has been discussing iWidgets with a prospective client and has been highlighting certain aspects of the specification. Which of the following statements is false and thus ill-advised?

A. Three modes are defined in the iContext Constants (VIEW, EDIT and HELP). An iWidget does not need to support all three modes.

B. Overall page management components are provided by the iContext. These include iWidget coordination, page layout and controls, andbackend service interaction.

C. iScope is a mechanism to support encapsulation of an iWidget\’s assests.

D. The iDescriptor is a special ManagedItemSet which is always persisted by the iContext.

Correct Answer: D

Question 11:

The JSR 286 Portlet Specification PLT.C appendix defines the Cascading Style Sheet classes for a variety of logical units in the markup. It follows the styles defined by the OASIS Web Services for Remote Portlets Technical Committee. What is the prefix used for the name of the CSS classes defined in this appendix?

A. css- (for example css-font, css-form-field, css-table-body)

B. wsrp- (for example wsrp-font, wsrp-form-field, wsrp-table-body)

C. portal- (for example portal-font, portal-form-field, portal-table-body)

D. portlet- (for example portlet-font, portlet-form-field, portlet-table-body)

Correct Answer: D

Question 12:

Bill is developing a mail portlet. One of the requirements of the mail portlet is that it should prompt the user for a user name and password on the first access, then store that information in the credential vault. After that, the mail portlet should read the credential from the credential vault and use it for logging in to the external application. Which type of credential slot should Bill use?

A. System slot

B. Administrative slot

C. Shared user slot

D. Portlet private slot

Correct Answer: D