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Question 1:

Which git sub command copies a local commit to a remote repository? (Specify ONLY the sub command without any path or parameters.)

A. clone

Correct Answer: A

Question 2:

Which of the following statements regarding microservices are true? (Choose three correct answers.)

A. Microservices facilitate the replacement of the implementation of a specific functionality.

B. Microservices applications are hard to scale because microservice architecture allow only one instance of each microservice.

C. Integration tests for microservices are not possible until all microservices forming a specific application are completely developed.

D. Interaction between microservices can be slower that the interaction of similar components within a monolithic application.

E. Within one application, individual microservices can be updated and redeployed independent of the remaining microservices.

Correct Answer: CDE

Question 3:

Which statements are true regarding databases during the deployment of a new release of a service using canary deployment? (Choose two correct answers.)

A. Changes to the database schema can take long and reduce the database performance.

B. Traffic to the database will significantly increase because of the additional service instance.

C. The database schema must be compatible to all running versions of a service.

D. The database is locked while its content is copied to the canary database.

E. Canary deployments require two synchronized instances of each database.

Correct Answer: BE

Question 4:

A declarative Jenkins pipeline contains the following excerpt:

parameters {

string (name: `TargetEnvironment\’, defaultValue: `staging\’, description: `Target environment\’)


How can a task use the value provided for TargetEnvironment?

A. {{TargetEnvironment}}

B. $TargetEnvironment

C. %TargetEnvironment%

D. ${params.TargetEnvironment}

E. $ENV{TargetEnvironment}

Correct Answer: B

Question 5:

Which of the following HTTP headers is a CORS header?

A. X-CORS-Access-Token:

B. Location:

C. Referer:

D. Authorization:

E. Access-Control-Allow-Origin

Correct Answer: E


Question 6:

What implications does container virtualization have for DevOps? (Choose two answers.)

A. Containers decouple the packaging of an application from its infrastructure.

B. Containers require developers to have detailed knowledge of their IT infrastructure.

C. Containers let developers test their software under production conditions.

D. Containers complicate the deployment of software and require early deployment tests.

E. Containers require application specific adjustment to the container platform.

Correct Answer: AC


Question 7:

Which of the following HTTP methods are used by REST? (Choose three correct answers.)






Correct Answer: CDE


Question 8:

The file index.php, which is being maintained in a git repository, was changed locally and contains an error. If the error has not been committed to the repository yet, which of the following git commands reverts the local copy of index.php to the latest committed version in the current branch?

A. git lastver ?index.php

B. git revert ?index.php

C. git checkout ?index.php

D. git clean ?index.php

E. git repair ?index.php

Correct Answer: B


Question 9:

Which of the following statements are true about Jenkins? (Choose two correct answers.)

A. Jenkins is specific to Java based applications.

B. Jenkins can delegate tasks to slave nodes.

C. Jenkins only works on local files and cannot use SCM repositories.

D. Jenkins\’ functionality is determined by plugins.

E. Jenkins includes a series of integrated testing suites.

Correct Answer: BE

Question 10:

What happens when a merge conflict occurs in git? (Choose two correct answers.)

A. The conflicting files remain unchanged in the local repository.

B. Conflict markers are added to the files.

C. A new branch containing the remote changes is created.

D. The affected files are flagged as conflicting.

E. The newest version is placed in the local repository.

Correct Answer: DE

Question 11:

Which configuration option in the Ansible inventory is issued control privilege escalation of the remote user?

A. priv_user

B. elevate

C. super

D. become

E. sudo

Correct Answer: D


Question 12:

Which Ansible command is used to manage and store sensitive data in encrypted files? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)

A. ansible-vault

Correct Answer: A

Question 13:

An Ansible variable file contains the following content:

myapp: option1: one

Which of the following strings can be used to the defined variable? (Choose two correct answers).

A. myapp(option1);

B. [email protected]

C. myapp[`option1\’]

D. myapp.option1

E. myapp{{option1}}

Correct Answer: AE

Question 14:

Which of the following mechanisms are used for service discovery in a container environment? (Choose two correct answers.)

A. The container platform offers a command like docker service discover which should be run within a container.

B. The container platform sets environment variables containing service information within the containers.

C. The container platform lists localhost ports assigned to containers in each container\’s /etc/services file.

D. The container platform mounts the sockets for all available services into the container\’s file systems.

E. The container platforms maintains DNS records which point to containers offering a specific service.

Correct Answer: BE

Question 15:

Which of the statements below are true about the volume created by the following command? (Choose two correct answers.)

docker run –v /data –ti debian

A. The new /data volume contains a copy of the complete container\’s base image.

B. The volume containing the container\’s rootfile system is retained until the /data volume is deleted.

C. The /data volume is discarded when the container terminates.

D. The /data volume can be attached to another Docker container.

E. If the command is run a second time, another volume for /data is created.

Correct Answer: DE