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Question 1:

Which statement adds a column with the largest integer data type?



C. ALTER TABLE SCIENTIFIC ADD scientific_value DECIMAL(15,10);

D. ALTER TABLE SCIENTIFIC ADD scientific_value DECIMAL(10,10);

Correct Answer: A

Question 2:

Assume that MySQL Enterprise Monitor is configured to monitor MySQL 8.0.10 or a later instance. Which three features are available?

A. creating e-mail alerts and SNMP traps for MySQL warnings

B. starting and stopping the MySQL instance

C. analyzing executed MySQL queries

D. deploying MySQL agent on supported target operating system

E. monitoring the availability of the MySQL Instance

F. tracing import and export with mysqldump

Correct Answer: ADF

Question 3:

MySQL Enterprise Masking and De-identification can hide or obfuscate sensitive data, by controlling how the data appears. Which three are MySQL Enterprise Masking and De-identification functions?

A. misspelling

B. strict or relaxed masking

C. random data substitution

D. whitelisting and substitution

E. dictionary substitution

Correct Answer: BCE

Robust Data Masking Functions MySQL Enterprise Masking and De-identification can hide or obfuscate sensitive data, by controlling how the data appears. It features robust masking algorithms including selective masking, blurring, random data substitution and other special techniques for credit card numbers, account numbers and other personally identifiable information, enabling IT departments to maintain structural rules to de-identify values. MySQL Enterprise Masking and De-identification functions include:


Selective Masking – Obscures a particular portion of numbers or strings such as phone numbers, and payment card numbers.


Strict or Relaxed Masking – Implement strict or relaxed masking to obfuscate data.


Random Data Substitution – Replace real values with random values while maintaining format consistency.


Blurring – Add a random variance to existing values such as randomized numeric ranges for salaries.


Dictionary Substitution – Randomly replace values from task specific dictionaries. ?Blacklisting and Substitution – Replace specifically blacklisted data, but leave non-blacklisted in place.

https://www.mysql.com/products/enterprise/masking.html#:~:text=Robust Data Masking%2 0Functions,controlling how the data appears.andtext=Random Data Substitution – Replace real,values% 20while maintaining format consistency.

Question 4:

You have been using mysqldump for logical backups of your MySQL databases. Your MySQL database size has been growing. Which two options can reduce the backup size and speed up the backup time?

A. Use mysqldump with – -incremental together with the – -compress option to back up incrementally based on previous full backup and compress the incremental backup files.

B. Use mysqldump with the – -changesonly option.

C. Use MySQL Enterprise Backup with the – -size=compress to compress the backup file.

D. Use MySQL Enterprise Backup with the – – incremental policy to back up incrementally based on previous full backup.

E. Use MySQL Enterprise Backup with the – -compress option to compress the backup files and use – – compress-level to select the level of compression.

Correct Answer: BE

Question 5:

Which statement would you use to remove the population column from the city table?

A. ALTER TABLE city DROP population;

B. DELETE population FROM city;

C. ALTER TABLE city DELETE population;

D. ALTER TABLE city LESS population;

E. DROP population FROM city;

Correct Answer: A

Question 6:

You just installed MySQL by Using a Package Manager on Linux. Where are the default InnoDB redo log files stored?

A. /usr/mysql

B. /var/lib/mysql

C. /var/lib/mysql/innodb

D. /usr/bin/logs

E. /usr/redo

F. /etc/my.cnf

Correct Answer: E


Question 7:

You want to create an encrypted table. So, you enter this command:

CREATE TABLE \’test_encryption2% (

\’id\’ int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,

\’server_name\’ varchar(15) NOT NULL,


You receive the following error:

ERROR 1031 (HY000): Table storage engine for `test_encryption2\’ doesn\’t have this option Which statement correctly explains the reason for this error?

A. You cannot use the AUTO_INCREMENT option to create an encrypted table. This is what is causing the error.

B. The term “server_name” is a reserved MySQL term. You cannot use it for the new table. This is what is causing the error.

C. The encryption feature only works with InnoDB tables. You are creating a MylSAM table, and it is causing the error.

D. The test_encryption2 already exist. You are not using the correct option to recreate it and it is causing the error.

Correct Answer: C

Question 8:

Which three components can MySQL InnoDB Cluster use to Achieve database high availability?

A. MySQL Servers with Group Replication to replicate data to all members of the cluster.

B. MySQL Online Hot Backup to keep data consistent and always ready to be used.

C. MySQL Shell to create and administer InnoDB Clusters using the built-in AdminAPI.

D. MySQL X Plugin to enable MySQL to use the X Protocol to speed up and monitor data replication.

E. MySQL Router to ensure client requests are load balanced and routed to the correct servers.

Correct Answer: ACE

Deploy MySQL InnoDB Clusters for high availability

Question 9:

What is true about MySQL Enterprise Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)?

A. Data is encrypted automatically, in real time, after it is written to storage.

B. Enables data-at-rest encryption by encrypting the physical files of the database.

C. Encryption key is stored in a centralized key memory location

D. Tablespace keys are managed manually behind the scenes.

Correct Answer: B

Question 10:

Your newly-created Oracle Cloud Infrastructure instance is not available for login in. Which is a valid reason for this issue?

A. You forgot to enable port 3306.

B. The opc user can be used to access MySQL only with the created SSH-Key.

C. Only root is allowed to access from non-localhost.

D. You forgot to create the correct SSL/TLC certificate during the setup process.

E. The OCI instance is still in the “creation” process.

Correct Answer: A

Question 11:

You need to change the password level for a test system. Which two allow to change this level before you create new test user/passwords?

A. Add validate_password=\’new level\’ in the [security] section of the MySQL configuration file.

B. SET GLOBAL validate_password_policy=\’new level\’;

C. SET GLOBAL force_password_complex_policy=0;

D. Add validate_password_policy=\’new level\’ in the [mysqld] section of the MySQL configuration file.

Correct Answer: BD

Question 12:

Which best describes database horizontal scale-out architecture deployment in MySQL in a read- heavy environment?

A. Allocating more CPU to the database instance to improve throughput performance.

B. Deploy MySQL read-only slaves utilizing replication so that the slaves can be used for reads.

C. Increasing the memory capacity so that there is a larger pooling buffer to increase the database read performance.

D. Adding more MySQL servers and sharing the same dacadir on a shared storage component like NFS.

E. Increasing the storage capacity so that the database can store more data to scale.

Correct Answer: E

Question 13:

You need to load the MySQL Enterprise Audit plug-in at database startup and prevent the audit plug- in from being removed at run time. Which two options should you include in the MySQL configuration file?

A. audit_log_permanent=ON


C. plugin-load=audit_log.so

D. plugin-audit=ON, ALWAYS


Correct Answer: AB

Question 14:

You execute this statement: SELECT NULL=NULL; What is the result?



C. 0


E. 1

Correct Answer: B

Question 15:

You establish MySQL Enterprise Server on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure connection via Secure Shell (SSH)

For accessing a new MySQL Enterprise Edition on an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Instance you ” Add SSH key ” information during the OCI instance setup. You want to use Putty from your Windows Client to install MySQL.

What are the correct steps to accomplish this?

A. Open Port 22 on your OCI Instance and convert the private key to ppk format. This new private key can be used for authentication.

B. Use the provided private key for authentication.

C. Convert the private key to ppk format first and use the new private key for authentication.

D. Open Port 22 on your OCI Instance and configure Putty with the ssh private key.

Correct Answer: A