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Question 1:

An administrator needs to prevent users on all client systems from performing user-directed restores while ensuring they are able to view the contents of all previous backup images. What should the administrator configure to accomplish this goal?

A. enable the Master Server Host Property – Browse timeframe for restores

B. enable the Master Server Host Property for clients listed in the Client Attribute – Allow browse

C. de-select the “Allow server file writes” parameter in the Host Properties of the Master Server

D. de-select the “Allow client restore” parameter in the Host Properties of the Master Server

Correct Answer: D

Question 2:

An administrator wants to specify which networks or interfaces to use for outgoing NetBackup traffic from a selected host. Which option under Master Server Host Properties should the administrator use to configure this?

A. Preferred Network

B. Port Ranges

C. Network Settings

D. Bandwidth

Correct Answer: D

Question 3:

An administrator took Media Server, mediaA, offline for maintenance and set up a new Media Server, mediaB, with access to the previously backed up data. When restores are performed for data that was backed up by mediaA, the restores


Which setting in the Host Properties must the administrator modify to allow successful restores?

A. From the Master Server, run the bpimage command to change the name of the Media Server from mediaA to mediaB.

B. Verify both Media Servers are set up in the Media Server Host Properties > Restore Failover section.

C. In the BAR GUI, change the “Server to use for backup and restores” setting to MediaB.

D. Verify both Media Servers are set up in the Master Server Host Properties > Restore Failover section.

Correct Answer: D

Question 4:

An administrator wants clients in a remote office to perform client-side deduplication instead of Media Server deduplication. Where should the administrator set the parameter in the Host Properties to ensure client-side deduplication is performed?

A. Master Server > Client Attributes > client_hostname > General > Always use client-side deduplication

B. Clients > General > Always use client-side deduplication

C. Master Server> Client Attributes> General> Always use client-side deduplication

D. Clients > Deduplication > Always use client-side deduplication

Correct Answer: A

Question 5:

Which two conditions must be met to change the volume group of a tape? (Select two.)

A. backup tapes must be in the same library or standalone

B. backup tapes must have barcode labels

C. backup tapes must be unassigned

D. backup tapes must be vaulted

E. backup tapes must have the same media type

Correct Answer: AE

Question 6:

Which two actions should an administrator take to allow NetBackup to manage the allocation of volumes to volume pools? (Select two.)

A. define a scratch pool and add all of the volumes to it so NetBackup will move volumes to the other pools as volumes are needed

B. assign volumes to all volume pools as required in the environment

C. define a scratch pool with assigned volumes so NetBackup will move the assigned volumes to other pools as volumes are needed

D. create volume pools as required, but refrain from adding volumes to the pools

E. assign volumes to NetBackup and DataStore volume pools so NetBackup will move the assigned volumes to other pools as volumes are needed

Correct Answer: AD

Question 7:

Which volume pool must be manually created in NetBackup?

A. NetBackup

B. DataStore

C. Scratch

D. CatalogBackup

Correct Answer: C

Question 8:

Where should an administrator look in the NetBackup Administration Console to determine whether an AdvancedDisk storage server is configured?

A. Media and Device Management> Credentials > Disk Array Hosts

B. Media and Device Management> Device Monitor> Storage Servers

C. Media and Device Management> Devices> Storage Servers

D. Media and Device Management> Credentials > Storage Servers

Correct Answer: D

Question 9:

Which two storage unit types can be configured in NetBackup? (Select two.)

A. deduplication


C. robot

D. media manager

E. tape

Correct Answer: BD

Question 10:

Which utility should an administrator use to verify library device functionality?

A. nbdevconfig

B. robtest

C. bpmedia

D. tpconfig

Correct Answer: C

Question 11:

What should an administrator do to enable backups to span multiple BasicDisk storage units?

A. configure a storage unit group and add BasicDisk storage units from multiple Media Servers

B. configure a storage unit group that consists only of disk storage units defined on a single Media Server

C. confirm that a load balancing storage unit is selected at the group level

D. select Storage Units> Storage Unit> Allow backup to span disks

Correct Answer: B

Question 12:

A Windows policy protects over 100 servers using the directive ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES. The backup window for this policy is a two-hour window that is unused by any other policy. When the jobs run, the overall performance of the disk storage unit is degraded. Which setting should the administrator modify to reduce the number of concurrent streams writing to the disk storage unit to 10 during the backup window?

A. enable the “Maximum Data streams” property

B. enable the “Limit Jobs per policy” attribute

C. set the “Maximum jobs per client” host property to 10

D. enable multiplexing for the storage unit and set the value to 10

Correct Answer: B

Question 13:

Refer to the exhibit.

What is the outcome if the policy shown in the exhibit?

A. The client encrypts then compresses the data before sending it to the Media Server.

B. The client compresses and the Media Server encrypts the data before sending it to the tape drive.

C. The client compresses then encrypts the data before sending it to the Media Server.

D. The client sends the data to the Media Server, which compresses and then encrypts the data.

Correct Answer: C

Question 14:

Which two prerequisites must an administrator perform to enable restoration of individual objects and attributes in Active Directory? (Select two.)

A. install the NetBackup File System daemon (nbfsd) on the client

B. choose the “Enable granular recovery” option in the policy

C. choose the “Use Accelerator” option in the policy

D. choose Active Directory policy type

E. enable the Network File System (NFS) on the client

Correct Answer: BE

Question 15:

A policy is created using the Standard policy type. The default settings are used. Linux hosts s1 and s2 are added in the client list and ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES is specified in the Backup Selection. Host s1 has the mount points listed below: /opt /usr /usr/home Host s2 has the mount points listed below: /proc /tmp /usr How many streams will be created when the policy runs for both clients?

A. two

B. four

C. five

D. eight

Correct Answer: A