VCAP-CMA Design 2021

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Question 1:

A cloud architect is writing an implementation plan for deployment of a clustered vRealize Automation deployment that will use a third-party load balancer.

Which two steps should the architect include within the implementation plan to ensure a successful deployment of vRealize Automation? (Choose two.)

A. Disable all secondary nodes from the load balancer pools

B. Create and configure the monitoring of vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator

C. Ensure all the SAN certificates for vRealize Suite are available

D. Enable all non-primary nodes on the load balancer

E. Turn off the health monitors or change them temporarily to default to ICMP and ensure traffic is still forwarding to the primary node

Correct Answer: BC

Question 2:

Which two statements are correct for VMware Cloud Services cloud proxy? (Choose two.)

A. It helps connect to public cloud entities.

B. It connects cloud services to on-premises networks.

C. An OVA deployment to an ESXi server is supported.

D. It requires a load balancer.

E. An OVA must be deployed on a vCenter Server.

Correct Answer: BE

Question 3:

What are the two valid characteristics of vRealize Automation Cloud? (Choose two.)

A. Supports on-premises vSphere and vRealize Orchestrator

B. Requires a standard license

C. Requires a load balancer

D. Supports on-premises vRealize Operations Manager

E. Has a frequent release cycle

Correct Answer: CD

Question 4:

An architect is designing a greenfield VMware vRealize Cloud Management solution. During the requirements gathering workshop with the customer, the future Service Owner made the following comment: The Maximum Tolerable Downtime (MTD) for the Cloud Management solution is 1 hour.

When creating the design documentation, which design quality should be used to classify the requirements?

A. Manageability

B. Availability

C. Recoverability

D. Performance

Correct Answer: C

Question 5:

A design for a Cloud Management solution includes a section that describes the association of vRealize Operations solution with a remote collector for the purpose of gathering performance and usage metrics.

Which area of the design would contain that section?

A. Logical

B. Conceptual

C. Requirements

D. Physical

Correct Answer: A

Question 6:

An architect has been asked about migrating a client\’s vRealize Automation solution from version 7.x to version 8.x. One of the requirements is to continue to support custom XaaS (Anything as a Service) blueprints that the client has developed.

Which component of a vRealize Automation logical design will fulfill this requirement?

A. Cloud Assembly

B. Cloud Zones

C. Service Broker

D. Cloud-Init

Correct Answer: B

Question 7:

An architect is designing a vRealize Log Insight cluster for an organization. The organization has the following requirements:

No requirement for archival data Support a log data retention period of 14 days

How will the log data be handled in this vRealize Log Insight cluster after the 14-day retention period?

A. The user needs to manually select and delete specific old log messages to free up space.

B. Old log messages are automatically and periodically retired on least accessed basis.

C. Old log messages are automatically and periodically retired on a first-come-first-retired basis.

D. A variable sized chunk of old log messages is deleted to free up space based on the data age basis.

Correct Answer: D

Question 8:

As a Service Broker administrator, you have been asked to meet these requirements:

All released cloud templates must be imported to Service Broker.

Newly released cloud templates must be automatically synchronized with Service Broker.

All cloud templates must be automatically published to the service catalog.

Which two options must be configured to meet the requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Configure content sharing using Content Sources option

B. Create content source using VMware Cloud Templates option but do not configure content sharing

C. Create content source using CloudFormation Template option

D. Configure content sharing using All Content option

E. Create content source using VMware Cloud Templates option

Correct Answer: AE

Question 9:

The operations team is onboarding new interns in Active Directory. The interns need to work in the company\’s vRealize Operations environment while maintaining corporate security compliance. The intern Active Directory group should only have PowerUser role to a specific vCenter cluster and ReadOnly for all other objects.

Which option would meet the requirements?

A. Create new Active Directory accounts and import the intern user accounts. Create a new role for the interns and assign appropriate permissions on objects.

B. Add the interns to a new vRealize Operations Active Directory Group. Import the Active Directory group and grant access to relevant objects and all actions for the specific vCenter cluster.

C. Add the interns to the existing vRealize Operations administrators Active Directory group and grant access to relevant objects and all actions for the specific vCenter cluster.

D. Create a new Active Directory group for interns. Synchronize intern Group, create a new role for the interns and assign appropriate permissions on objects.

Correct Answer: A

Question 10:

Consider the following requirements to be used in determining a vRealize Operations licensing model:

Authentication provided by Single Sign On Performance monitoring and analytics for 12 Hosts and 1 vCenter vSphere security and compliance monitoring for PCI and HIPAA Guided remediation for discovered issues Customizable dashboards, reports and views

Using the requirements, what is the minimum license that can be used for this deployment of vRealize Operations?

A. vRealize Cloud Universal Enterprise

B. Advanced

C. Standard

D. Enterprise

Correct Answer: B

Question 11:

An organization wants to implement a network topology to provide users with a one-way upstream access to the external network.

Which two statements are true for implementing such a network profile type using NSX-T Data Center? (Choose two.)

A. The external network specified in the “Network Policies” tab will be used to assign an external IP to the VM

B. A DNAT rule is created o the Tier-1 router to allow the VM to communicate externally

C. The cloud template must use the “private” network profile type

D. The external network should be left blank in the “Network Policies” tab

E. An SNAT rule is created on the Tier-1 router to allow the VM to communicate externally

Correct Answer: AE

Question 12:

A customer wants to design and deploy Workspace ONE Access to provide multi-tenancy for vRA 8.x


Which two designs decisions would achieve the customer\’s requirement? (Choose two.)

Note: SAN stands for Subject Alternative Name.

A. Configure a certificate with multiple SAN entries for Workspace ONE Access.

B. Configure SSL termination on the load balancer for Workspace ONE Access.

C. Configure SSL bridging on the load balancer for Workspace ONE Access.

D. Configure SSL passthrough on the load balancer for Workspace ONE Access.

E. Configure a certificate with a single SAN entry for Workspace ONE Access.

Correct Answer: BE

Question 13:

Which recommendation should an architect make when designing a highly available vRealize Operation (vROps) cluster?

A. Deploy analytics nodes with the same disk size on storage of the same type.

B. Depending on the size and performance requirements for analytics nodes, apply Storage DRS Affinity rules to ensure that nodes are on same datastores.

C. If the sizing guideline provides several configurations for the same number of objects, use the configuration which has the greatest number of nodes.

D. Set Storage DRS to Fully Automated for all vRealize Operations Manager analytics nodes.

Correct Answer: A

Question 14:

When designing a load-balanced vRealize Operations cluster, which three aspects should an architect consider? (Choose three.)

A. Maximizing node participation in the handling of UI sessions and traffic

B. Providing high availability if any admin or data node fails

C. Reducing the number of certificates that must be managed for the nodes

D. Minimizing node latency in the handling of UI sessions and traffic

E. Simplifying the configuration of End Point Operations (EPOps) agents

F. Providing fault tolerance if any admin or data node fails

Correct Answer: BDE

Question 15:

What level of design will contain an automation platform, an operational monitoring platform, and a desktop platform?

A. Physical Design

B. Conceptual Design

C. Detailed Design

D. Logical Design

Correct Answer: D

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