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Question 1:

Where in the controller would we configure a wireless network NOT to use encryption?

A. AAA profile

B. SSID profile

C. ARM profile

D. Radio profile

E. VAP profile

Correct Answer: B

Question 2:

Firewall rules contain the following fields, except?

A. Action

B. Destination

C. Service

D. Mirror

E. Policy

Correct Answer: E

Question 3:

Which of the following parameters is not needed by Visual RF Plan in order to Plan APs on a floor region?

A. AP Type

B. PHY Type

C. Distance to Controller

D. Environment

E. Desired Data Rate

Correct Answer: C

Question 4:

Which of the following is true of an Aruba Mobility Controller acting as a layer 2 switch? (Select two):

A. The Mobility Controller is the client\’s default router.

B. The Mobility Controller acts as a bridge.

C. All stations must use the same VLAN

D. Uplink ports on the Mobility Controller can use 802.1q tagging

E. VLANs cannot have IP addresses

Correct Answer: BD

Question 5:

In the startup wizard the ports configuration screen allows you to do the following (Select three)?

A. Identify trunk ports

B. Configure port channels

C. Assign VLANs

D. Identify the native VLAN for a port

E. Specify the IP address of the Vlan

Correct Answer: ACD

Question 6:

Remote AP in tunnel mode, by default, uses which of the following to encrypt user traffic back to the mobility controller?

A. L2TP over IPSec is used to carry user traffic and control traffic

B. PPTP is used to tunnel user traffic

C. The AP does not encrypt user traffic. The user\’s link layer encryption is used.

D. Remote AP traffic is unencrypted

E. Certificate based tunnel

Correct Answer: C

Question 7:

When adding licenses in the startup wizard license screen a reboot is required:

A. After each license is installed

B. Before any other configuration can take place

C. Only if the Policy Enforcement Firewall license is installed

D. Once the last License is added

E. A reboot is not required until you have completed the configuration wizard

Correct Answer: E

Question 8:

WPA and WPA2 can use the following authentication methods: (Select two)

A. WEP Keys


C. 802.1X

D. Captive Portal


Correct Answer: BC

Question 9:

An Aruba AP 125 is capable of supporting which of the following network types? (Select three)

A. 802.11b

B. 802.11n

C. 802.11a

D. 802.11w

E. 802.11p

Correct Answer: ABC

Question 10:

What does SET ORIENTATION option do in the Visual RF Plan edit tool?

A. Set the horizontal plane on each floor

B. Give the option to resize a floor

C. Sets the North/South orientation of the building

D. Sets the proper vertical floor plan alignment

E. Allows the planner to set the directional antenna orientation

Correct Answer: D

Question 11:

Which of these is NOT a valid license type? (Select two)

A. RFprotect

B. Application Security

C. Base AOS


E. Content Security

Correct Answer: BC

Question 12:

In a Campus AP deployment, an access point has been provisioned statically with an IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and Controller IP address. Control Plane Security has been disabled. Both the Controller and the Access Point are using 6.1 firmware. If a 3rd party firewall is placed in between the AP and controller, what traffic would need to be allowed for the AP to boot successfully and broadcast Wireless Networks? (Select two)






Correct Answer: BC

Question 13:

Web based captive portal can be authenticated by the following types of databases: (Select two)

A. Internal



D. Kerberos

E. Tacacs

Correct Answer: AC

Question 14:

What is the IP address of the controller when using the startup wizard?






Correct Answer: D

Question 15:

When local controller is selected as the controller\’s operation mode in the startup wizard, which is no longer configurable?

A. Licenses


C. VLANs and IP addressing

D. Controller country code

E. Time zone

Correct Answer: B